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~ Non-traditional Rosaries ~

All of the rosaries on this page are special orders. Please allow anywhere from a week to 2 weeks for its creation depending on the availability of materials. Email me to place an order and I will tell you how long it will take to get the materials and make it for you to your specifications. Prices are subject to change depending on cost of materials at time of order.

Upon request, all of my non-traditional rosaries are accompanied by an original prayer/meditation that you can customize for your personal use.

I do not recommend wearing any of my rosaries as a necklace since they are handmade and can be too delicate for use as a necklace. I make all of them with the intention they be handled for prayer and meditation. Rosary necklaces are have either heavy gauge machine-wired beads or are handmade with a twisting technique making them more suitable for wearing around the neck.


~ Pentacle Rosary of the Five Elements ~
 Each decade of 7 beads represents a point on the five point star:
Spirit or Storm - Chrysacolla
Fire - Carnelian
Water - Sapphire
Air - Howlite
Earth - Jade

The decades are place in order of calling in energy. If you would like a rosary for banishing, let me know and I can change the order of the decades to suite your purpose.

The divider beads are Black Onyx which assists with challenges in life especially those caused by a drain of energy. It prevents the draining away of personal energy and is used for protection from draining. It also helps with grounding and controlling or eliminating excess or unwanted energies.

The pentacle connector and medallion are solid sterling silver. Bead caps are pewter and other findings are silver plated. This rosary is 14" long and comes in a black satin pouch.  

Pentacle Rosary of the Five Elements - $65



~ Seven Rays Rosary ~

"With Maha Cohan leading me
through the teachings of the Seven Rays
I know I will find my true path
and come into my own Divine presence."
This magnificent and powerful rosary was created using the gemstones of the Seven Rays. Charles Leadbeater taught that particular gemstones focus the energy of each Ray. Several great spiritual leaders have taught that a Cosmic Master is assigned to each Ray, and Elizabeth Clare Prophet taught that an Archangel was assigned to each Ray. These designations are as listed below:
The First Ray - Will of God - the Ray of will and power (Quartz) and is overseen by Master El Morya. The Archangel for this Ray is Michael.
The Second Ray - Wisdom of God - the Ray of love and wisdom (Sapphire) and is overseen by Master Kuthumi. The Archangel for this Ray is Jophiel.
The Third Ray - Love of God - the Ray of active intelligence (Jade) and is overseen by Master Paul the Venetian. The Archangel for this Ray is Chamuel.
The Forth Ray - Purity of God - the Ray of harmony through conflict (Jasper) and is overseen by Master Serapis Bey. The Archangel for this Ray is Gabriel.
The Fifth Ray - Science of God - the Ray of concrete science (Citrine) and is overseen by Master Hilarian. The Archangel for this Ray is Raphael.
The Sixth Ray - Peace of God - the Ray of love and devotion (Ruby) and is overseen by Master Jesus. The Archangel for this Ray is Uriel.
The Seventh Ray - Freedom of God - the Ray of ceremonial order (Amethyst) and is overseen by Master St. Germain. The Archangel for this Ray is Zadkiel.

The divider and drop beads on this rosary are 8mm clear, natural quartz to focus and amplify the energy. Decade gemstones are in "Ray order and each of the seven decades contain seven 6mm beads (7x7). This rosary comes standard with solid brass links (brass is used because it does not hold negative energy) and 14K gold plated Seven Point Star. 20" long - comes with gold satin pouch.

Seven Rays Rosary - available in Silver or Gold - $95


~ Fairy Rosary ~
"Behold, brightest of the stars, hear my voice!"
"Mist-clad in moon light
Stardust seekers, secret keepers
I call upon thee.
From branch and thorn and Elder tree
Wood loving creatures, shadow weavers
Come to me.
Just beyond reaching and never in keeping
Timeless wonders, magickal Fae
I call and summon thee.
Wind-hewn wildness, darkness and brightness
Abide with me, as friend."
Using natural gemstones to connect to energy of the Fae and the seven point Fairy Star, this rosary can be used to call forth power from the Fairy realm. It's energy is light and glittery like winter's first frost.
First Ray is the Sun (Citrine)
Second Ray is the Forest (Tree agate)

Third Ray is the Sea (Aquamarine)
Forth Ray is Magick (Amethyst)
Fifth Ray is the Moon (Moonstone)
Sixth Ray is the Wind (Topaz)
Seventh Ray is your Connection to Spirit (Celestite)
The Green Aventurine bead atop the Faery Star opens the gate and allows one to enter the Faery Realm safely. Each of the seven decades contain seven (7x7) 6mm beads. Divider beads are 8mm clear quartz. Made with silver plate findings; both the Seven Point Star and fairy center piece are solid sterling silver. It is 19" long and comes with a silver satin pouch.
Fairy Rosary - $95

~ Triple Goddess Rosary ~

New design coming soon!

"I call upon the goddess of perfect love,
who purifies the seas in which worlds are born.
Behold her image, crowned with the deepest glory of the sunset,
silver, and crystal, robed in the deepest black.
I call upon the goddess who sets the stars in motion
upon the endless mirror of night; Maiden, Mother, Crone."


 Incorporating three colors of Moonstone (white for the Maiden, peach for the Mother, and Silver for the Crone) and utilizing the energy of three, this exquisite Goddess rosary is made with three decades of nine natural, 6mm moonstone beads (3x3=9, 9x3=27, 7+2=9)-for a total of 27 beads. There are three 8mm clear, natural Quartz divider beads between decades to multiply the energy of the Moonstone complete with heavily detailed bead caps. It has 27 beads x 6mm each=162, 1+6+2=9, 3 beads x 8mm each=24, 2+4=6.

This rosary has silver plated findings, a triple spiral center piece, and a solid sterling silver Celtic Goddess medallion (1.75" long). The Goddess rosary is approximately 12" long (1+2=3) and comes with a silver satin pouch. It's all about the power of three. Available with single colors of Moonstone at no additional charge upon request.

Watch Dina's review of her recently purchased Triple Goddess Rosary on YouTube. And read her written review of this rosary on her blog. 

Triple Goddess Rosary - $85



~ The Original Atlantean Heart Rosary ~
Divinely uplifting and nurturing

A rosary of delicate, playful energy devoted to opening the user's heart to the energy of universal unconditional love, this rosary consists of 5 decades of 6 - 6mm Aquamarine beads, 8mm Rose Quartz divider beads, and a genuine natural Larimar nugget drop. If you would to add a few more beads to this rosary, I will do so at no additional charge but I suggest you try to stay within a multiple of 2 (reasoning follows below).

The numerological breakdown for the words "universal unconditional love" starts as 119, then 11, a finally breaks down to 2.

Considerate, courteous, and adaptable. As a 2, "universal unconditional love" is described as a peacemaker and mediator that brings harmony and intuitive insight to all contacts. It has an inborn ability to understand all sides of a situation, and has the tact and gentleness to express it in a way that it will be received as a magical ingredient for peace on Earth.Dolphin Rosasy

This number 2 works well with others and prefers partnerships to individual enterprises. Its sensitivity to others feelings can come in handy when working with complicated situation or when diplomacy is needed. This higher awareness of other people's feeling can also make it a skillful group organizer and facilitator. Modesty can define this 2 in the sense that it can work comfortably without receiving full acknowledgement for its contributions. In relationships, this 2 is friendly, tactful, diplomatic, and has an innate desire for harmony as well as having a delicate nature.

This 2 is endowed with a high vibrational energy that may be expressed through inspiration, teaching, preaching, acting, art, or invention. It has access to prophetic wisdom and has a positive attitude that is a transformational force in other people's lives. Fame and notoriety is very likely as this kind of energy often gets noticed. Much will be required of this 2 because it has a master number vibration.

The bow "y" connector is no longer available so a different one will be used than what is shown here - a more modest connector will be used - see other images on this page. The findings are silver plated with a solid sterling silver, one sided, dolphin charm. The Atlantean Heart rosary is 13" long and comes with a white satin pouch.
The Original Atlantean Heart Rosary - $85


~ Guardian Angel Rosary ~
"I am surrounded by Angels; Angels protect me."

This rosary carries the energies of the Four Guardian Angels who were sent to Earth to aid human-kind. The names of these Four Guardian Angels are: 
Adnachiel - Guardian Angel of freedom, change, and letting go of old thought patterns (Blue Lace Agate).
Gabriel - Guardian Angel of balance, insight, compassion, and enlightenment to one's life path (Sunstone).
Chayyliel - Guardian Angel of justice who resolves feelings of desperation, exhaustion and disappointment (Kyanite).
Phaleg - Guardian Angel who balances time, allows synchronicity, protects us from harm, helps us to express our feelings, and aids in rational thinking (Moonstone).

The findings are silver plated with a base metal angel wing charm.  Each decade has ten 6mm beads with 8mm Angelight divider and drop beads (Angelight is known to connect one to the Angelic realm). This rosary is 14" long and comes with a white satin pouch.
Guardian Angel Rosary - $85

~ Archangel Rosary ~
"With the Magnificent Seven at my side
I know I will find my true path
and come unto my own Divine presence.
Metatron leads the way."

New design coming soon!

This original rosary is dedicated to call forth the energy of the seven Archangels known as the Magnificent Seven:
Michael - "Who is as God" - Archangel of strength, justice, and protection (Kyanite).
Gabriel - "God is my strength" - Archangel of judgment, balance, and enlightenment to your life path (Jade).
Uriel - "God is my Light" - Archangel of repentance, nature, and earthly matters (Sapphire).

Ariel - "Lion of God" - Archangel of healing, awakening, focus, revealer of sacred mysteries, and the bringer of miraculous manifestation (Pink Tourmaline).
Zadkiel - "Righteousness of God" - Archangel of mercy, compassion, and forgiveness (Rutilated Quartz).
Jophiel - "Beauty of God" - Archangel of goals, wisdom, and insight (Smokey Topaz).
Raphael - "God is healed" - Archangel of healing, service, knowledge, and regent of the sun (Citrine).

Each decade is made with 6mm smooth beads; divider beads are 8mm smooth clear quartz. Each of the seven decades contain seven beads (7x7) which brings in the energy, power, and magic of numbers. Silver plated findings and a base metal angel wing charm complete this rosary. Comes with a white satin pouch.
Archangel Rosary - $


Infinite Spirit creations are presented in good faith as being made from natural crystals and stones (mined from the Earth) unless otherwise noted. Please note that many natural gemstone beads are dyed slightly by the manufacturer to even out and enhance the color of the stone. I have found that this process in no way detracts from the natural energy of the beads. Beads that are almost always enhanced by dying are: Rose Quartz, Aquamarine, and Garnet.
Custom work is always welcome. If you want help with your creation, please feel free to ask for assistance.
Each rosary or prayer bead set has a different feel to it's energy. This is not only due to the energies of the different crystal and stone beads, but also because of the intention with which each rosary was made. For instance, the energy of the Fairy Rosary is very light and makes most people laugh when they hold it in their hands; this is because the Fae are a happy folk, light and glittery. In contrast, the Seven Rays Rosary has an entirely different feel; its energy is solid and grounded, commanding respect; and so each rosary is uniquely different not only in appearance, but also its energy. If you have a custom rosary made specifically for yourself or someone else, specific energy that is needed by that person will be infused into the rosary. This is not done intentionally by me but I'm quite aware that it happens.
Rosaries are made with plated findings, or solid brass (brass will not retain negative energies). All rosaries can be customized to your specifications at no extra charge in most cases. All religious systems will be equally honored and your rosary will be tailored to your personal beliefs at no additional charge in most cases.