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~ Bead Inventory ~
Here are pictures of my bead and jewelry inventory. This is most of it, but not quite all of what I work with and of course there are new items arriving every week as I find good deals on unusual and interesting things. Someday I hope to have the patience to list the names of the beads I have in stock but that day is not today.

Bull Nosed DolphinI started out with making a few simple bracelets, watches, and wire wrapping projects so it was easy to stay organized. I had "recipes" for my bracelets, and sold billions of them. Okay, not billions, but quite a lot of bracelets went out the door. As my jewelry hobby grew, I needed a safe place to organize the supplies so I situated 2 storage cabinets in the hall dormer. I call this "craft corner" or more accurately, "crap corner."

Guarding my inventory, is the Bull Nosed Dolphin that my father caught when we lived in Hollywood, Florida while deep sea fishing off the coast of the Miami way back in 1968 or thereabouts. Don't worry, this is just a plaster casting of the fish he caught; we ate the real one. My mother always hated this fish, so I took him in after my father died 20+ years ago. She was going to "throw the damn thing out" while cleaning out some closets one day; I felt sorry for the poor thing and gave him a good home because he was my father's prized possession. The fish now sports some black leather necklaces on his pectoral fin. He keeps me organized.

But I digress . . . on to the bead inventory. Within the nice white cabinets are beads; lots of beads. There is everything from Angelight to Zosite in there, and I took a few pictures to show you the variety of what I have to offer when creating something beautiful and unique for you.

This first image (below) is of how organized I used to be with an inventory that well suited my bracelet and watch making needs; six simple plastic boxes. I have since added a few beads for necklaces, etc. but it remains pretty much the same.

The next image is a pile of chip and nugget gemstone beads that are kept in a large cardboard box. I use these mostly for ribbon necklaces. So much for tidy little compartments in nice plastic boxes with lids.

The next set of images are of natural gemstone beads that I use for bracelets, necklaces, and rosaries. I store them in large bags, grouped by color. Here you can see the blacks, yellows and oranges, greens, blues, purples, pinks, browns, and moonstone and turquoise. I like to keep the moonstone and turquoise separate because they're softer stones and can easily get damaged. 


Next, we have some miscellaneous natural beads like Emerald, Kunzite, Angelight, Smokey Quartz, Tourmaline, and Pearls (real), in addition to ceramic, lamp work, glass, and other man-made beads like Blue Goldstone. Some of these beads just didn't make it into the previous pictures and some, like Emerald and Kunzite, are kept separate from the rest of the beads  because they're very expensive and hard to get. There are also a few that I can't remember the names of so I call them mystery beads. When I have the time, I'll try and look them up online somewhere.


Below is a box of 6mm gemstone beads that I use primarily for rosaries. This is as organized as I can get. Some people use 8mm beads for rosaries, but I like using 6mm beads because they handle nicely and keep the rosary from getting too long and heavy - 8mm beads work well for divider beads when 6mm seem to get lost on the project. Then there are always bead caps to make the feel of the beads different as you use them in prayer/meditation.

Speaking of rosaries, this is a well organized box of metal rosary supplies. Some of these items will look familiar if you visit my rosary page. Below the box of rosary findings is a box of silver findings, and then a box of gold findings; all pretty well kept.

Metals. Here is a pile of metal clasps, pendants and charms that I use on the more inexpensive jewelry items. I've been trying my hand at metal stamping which I'll put on the website soon; most of these items are for those projects. Next to the charms, are metal beads. I have the usual silver, gold, and copper, along with the more unusual and captivating, rose gold. I've been collecting rose gold findings and beads for a couple of years so I can make some extra fantastic rosaries with Pearls.

We have now entered the world of "other items." I love my eye collection; I've been working on what to do with the eyes for awhile now, and made a necklace for myself to wear; I love it. There are also some beautiful gemstone pendants here just waiting to be rediscovered. I'll get around to working on those soon enough.

So there you have it - my basic jewelry and beading inventory. There are more things hanging around my computer desk and dresser, and there's always something new in the bookcase waiting to be put into a more suitable place but you get the idea. I hope you become as inspired as I do when you look at the beauty of these natural stone beads. Let's work together on a project soon - the fish would like that.