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~ Bracelets ~
Bracelets are strung on heavy duty elastic so one size fits most. If you have a larger of smaller than average wrist, the bracelets of your choice can be restrung for a custom fit at no extra charge.
All crystals and stones have distinctive healing and balancing properties for the mind, body, and soul, so each bracelet offers unique healing energy.
Infinite Spirit creations are presented in good faith and with beads made from naturally occurring stones, mined from the Earth unless otherwise noted.
Hundreds of these gemstone bracelets have been sold! Prices range from $15 - $40 depending on the gemstones and crystals used. Each bracelet has a unique name describing its healing and balancing properties and comes with a card describing the each stone. If you are working through a particular challenge, let me design a bracelet unique to your needs at no extra charge. All I need to know is the challenge, your price range, and your wrist measurement to insure a perfect fit. Pictures will be sent to you of your bracelet for your approval before you make your purchase.
Pictured here are two examples of the many healing gemstone bracelets offered:
"Relaxing into Love"

A beautiful faceted Amazonite and faceted Rose Quartz stretch bracelet with silver plated beads.

Amazonite is extremely soothing for the brain and nervous system. Alleviates worry and fear. Rose Quartz teaches the wearer to love themselves. It brings self-forgiveness and acceptance and invokes self-trust and self-worth.




A stunning Lapis with Iolite stretch bracelet with gold plated beads.
Lapis opens the third eye and balances the throat chakra. Stimulates enlightenment and psychic abilities; it brings deep inner self-knowledge. Iolite activates the third eye and facilitates intuitive insight.



Recent display of 69 unique gemstone bracelets at the premier of Art Space International Artist Market in Atlanta, GA